Caitlin Krahn | Some Things You Should Know

I’m not perfect.

I can actually be really annoying.

I worry too much

Spend too long on my hair

Walk on furniture

Eat ice cream straight out of the carton

Scrape the bottom of the yogurt cup


even though I know there’s none left.

Play with the pages while reading a book

Spend an hour making a playlist on my iPod

even if I’m only driving two minutes

Check the stove seventeen times leaving the house

before trusting it’s actually off.

Spill cereal everywhere

the floor, the bed, the keyboard

eating it by the handful

crinkling and crunching ‘til you will yell for me

to get a bowl or you’ll throw the box out.

I will ask you once, twice, ten times

if I should get another drink

though we both know I’ll end up having five more.

And, once I’ve had those plus five drinks

I will dance like a weirdo all over the bar

until you are thoroughly embarrassed.

I’m super picky and specific about food.

My parents tell me I’ll never get married

if I don’t learn to eat properly

but whatever. I don’t eat meat

I snack

Get used to it.

I’m cranky if I don’t exercise

I prefer daydreams to reality

I hate feeling bored, feeling useless

yet love when I have nothing better to do

than watch New Girl on Netflix.

I live in a personal time zone

I will say I’m on my way

when I’ve only just stepped out of the shower

and God forbid I leave the house without blow drying

my hair.


I have certain routines I insist on keeping

but deep down

I long for the boy who will break them

who will teach me the art of adventure

so we never have to look back.

Because even though I guarantee I will make you crazy

I will make you want to scream and lock me out of the house

I will love you.

I will love you hard

I will love you fast

I will love you fiercely, wildly, deeply

I will do anything for you

Tie myself to the tracks for you

Take the bullet for you

Save myself for you

even when it would be so much easier not to.

So yes, I’m going to be annoying

but I promise you,

I’m going to be yours.

This body

This mind

This heart

This soul

Yours. All yours.

I’m waiting for you

The wait is my tallest tower

My forest of thorns

My fire-breathing dragon.

But you are my knight

and you will find me.

Together we will make meaning

in a world without it.

In the era of internet cat sensations

celebrity diets

one night stands

drunk mistakes and

broken hearts

we will mean something.

We will matter.


Love you already, future husband.

Can’t wait to meet you.



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