Timothy Robare | Be My Brawne

Won’t you be my Fanny Brawne?

Can we love,

fall apart, and love again.

I will write letters of astounding emotion,

Like waves smashing the beach

From the deepest of the ocean,

That roll with beauty under the moon

how you captivate each atom,

how a heart is not a heart until it finds a counterpart.


I’ll never love you less, let

the piper pipe it from sea to sea

across all nations that are-

to be.

Most importantly,

the nation of we.


Bring me a scarlet L

for the love

Of which I lack control,

a bright star that may explode,

the most beautiful tragedy may yet unfold.


With you it is everything

For nothing it could never be,

The most luscious forest

The deepest most transcending green,

This deep rooted emotion

A power never before seen.


Will you be my Fanny Brawne?

If I must die,

I must die knowing your lips crave

your breath against mine,

what is my religion if it is not love?

What is love if not you?



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