Welcome to Platt 2014

ZPlatt takes you inside SUNY Plattsburgh arts community, featuring student work in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, art and multimedia. We invite you to peruse this 2014 online edition, which includes spoken word performances, interviews and staff work along with the content from the print issue. We especially encourage you to pick up a copy of the print version. To do so, or to learn more about ZPlatt, contact the SUNY Plattsburgh English Department.  


From the Editor

Art invites us to simultaneously connect with and forget the world around us. We are lifted out of everyday existence, but we are also that much more aware of it. As Mrs. Ramsay says in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse, “Life stand still here.” When we create and experience art, a space is created in which time narrows, expands, and overlaps on itself.

This year, the ZPlatt staff decided to incorporate both traditional and contemporary design into our magazine. While still maintaining our print edition, we have also expanded our website to feature multimedia works, allowing us to showcase all areas of art in our student community.

Tradition, after all, originates from innovation. The works we have chosen echo this idea. Some converse with the past, while others chat up the future. Combined, they exist in the present—in your present.

So, stand still for a moment. Experience the space.

—Megan Throne


*You can find interviews with our featured writer, artist and award winners in the Interviews section.

2014 Featured Writer: Hanna Yost

2014 Featured Artist: Jen DeMattio


2014 Award Winners


English Department Fiction Award

Zechariah Borden | Grease Stains


Robert Frost Poetry Contest

1st Place: Keith Letky | Dis Be Da Verse

2nd Place: Hanna Yost | Notes to My Daughter

3rd Place: Caitlin Krahn | Bring Me Back



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